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It is critical to choose the correct journal to guarantee that your work is published. Papers are frequently rejected because the study topic falls beyond the scope of the publication or is directed at a different audience. With this specialized journal selection service, our professionals review your article individually and identify the topmost appropriate journals for you. If one of our suggested journals rejects your work owing to a scope mismatch, we will send up to two more journal suggestions.

  • Our experts’ suggestions for the finest 3-5 journals
  • A thorough Journal Selection Report that explains how the selection was made.
  • With more information on the nominated journals, it will be easier to make decisions.
  • Provides precise journal expert opinions that can assist enhance the quality of your article. This speeds up the publishing process, leaving no room for rejection.

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Our 4 step filtering procedure for journal selection service:

ISI Journal Publications scan through 34576 journals to discover the appropriate one for you. Based on the following factors and procedures, our professional reviewer will offer a selection of 3-5 journals:

Journal Scope

Each journal's scope is examined to identify the greatest fit for your submission.

Your Preference

Before proposing the appropriate journals, we carefully analyze your requirements.

Impact Factor

The desired impact factor and intended readership are carefully assessed.

Journal selection as per genre

To guarantee proper submission, the manuscript genre is matched with the most prominent journals.

Excerpt from journal selection report:

In our journal selection services, we provide a journal selection report to assist you in deciding on a publication for your paper. It is carefully constructed with your specific preferences in mind, taking into account the scope, impact factor range, and indexing needs best suited for your article in its current state.

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Over 97% of researchers believe that pre-submission peer review service improved the quality of their last published paper by identifying scientific errors and missing and inaccurate references.

Our procedure for journal selection services

An order is placed by you

  • A client-first fills out the order form filling in all the required information correctly and accurately.

We process your order

  • Once you submit your order form, we instantly receive it by our end. We then confirm your order and send it forward for the drawing of timelines and estimated delivery date.

Timelines and deadlines

  • Our staff managers and administrators, considering the orders coming in, give you the accurate and fixed date of when will you be receiving your edited research paper.

Scrutinize your manuscript

  • The manuscript is then forwarded to the subject matter expert where at the initial stage editors thoroughly go through your document. They analyze the topic, scope of study and check the quality of your manuscript.

Shortlisting the journals

  • Our editors after scrutinizing your manuscript, and keeping your preferences in check. Experts shortlist some journals keeping in mind every detail.

Journal selection report and final stage

  • After shortlisting the journals, our experts pen down a journal selection report where they explain the reasons why they are recommending the particular journal. In this report you will also find some key pointers to make some changes as per the journal’s standard so, chances of rejection are lower. While shortlisting the journals, our experts keenly keep your preferences in check. However, if one of our proposed journals rejects your work due to a scope mismatch, we will provide up to two more journal recommendations.

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Fasten up the progress of your publication journey

Navigate your publication journey through your assigned expert to help you negotiate the complexities of journal submissions while saving both time and money.

Ensured Quality

If our work is not up to your expectation. We will revise and modify it until you are completely satisfied.

And if still unsure, you can get a complete refund of your costs.

Prompt Delivery

On-time delivery is our promise. We meet all the deadlines by providing work in about 8 hours.

Rarely if we ever miss a deadline we provide a refund in that case.

Secured Data

We work hard to secure your work by enforcing a stringent NDA on all of our specialists and staff.

Our newest ISO standard systems also keep your files safe.


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Maximize your chances of publication by letting Editage match you with the most appropriate journals according to your requirements and nature of research. Our experts team hold extensive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about clearing your concerns, answering your queries, and keeping satisfied at all times.

If you are in doubt about which journal is best for you, don't forget to look at its analytics; they will undoubtedly assist you in your decision-making. The impact factor (IF) is a metric that measures how many times an average publication in a journal is referenced in a given year. The Journal Impact Factors are published yearly by Clarivate Analytics as part of the Web of Science Journal Citation Reports®. An Impact Factor is awarded to journals that are listed in the Science Citation Index Expanded® (SCIE) and the Social Sciences Citation Index® (SSCI).

The number of times chosen articles are cited during a given year is used to calculate an Impact Factor, which is used to determine the relevance of a publication. As a result, the higher a journal's impact factor, or the number of citations or articles it generates, the higher it gets rated. If you wish to compare journals in the same subject field, IF is also a useful tool.

We suggest sending your work to the 3-5 journals that are mentioned in the list. However, for a better probability of publishing, we recommend that you choose the top two journals in the "Most Promising" category, which are hand-picked by our specialists after going through your manuscript. Unfortunately, if you face rejection from the most promising category, you may pick the journals in the "Normal" category based on the degree of relevance to your work. As a result, you have the option of submitting your work to one of the five recommended journals.

We need a clear and exact Domain region to determine the Journal Selection. Medical, biomedical, economics research, for example. Target Country, Area of Interest for example, in the United Kingdom, the target state, if any, or the overall people of the United Kingdom, Rough overview of a research proposal Suggestions for 2-3 noteworthy references are welcome. We need the following information: your qualification, specialization, university, country, experience, possible areas of interest, supervisor capability and university interest, a new methodology that is related to your research and area of interest. Your preferred journal publications names as they contribute in shortlisting as well.

When selecting the appropriate journal, one of the aspects to examine is the journal's influencing variables. When selecting a target journal, significant elements to examine include the journal's aims, alignment with the study subject, uniqueness of the research, frequency of publication, and journal coverage (indexed in well-known databases such as Scopus, SCI, SCIE, SSCI, and others).

ISI Journal Publication provides a variety of editing and post-production services. ISI Journal Publications offers three degrees of editing services: advanced, premium, and scientific editing. These three differ in terms of pricing and service offerings.

As a follow-up service, we offer resubmission assistance if your paper has been rejected by a journal. We extensively review journal reviewer input and re-edit the work accordingly. Additionally, we also offer journal selection and submission services for our clients to make this journey easier.

Our professionals work tirelessly to guarantee that your paper gets published in a prestigious publication, from editing through submission.

ISI Journal Publications offers in-depth and accurate editing of your thesis. The accuracy of terminology and grammar is promised to be done very precisely. Moreover, we promise the following features as well:

  • On-time delivery
  • Plagiarism-free and unique content (with less than 5%-10% plagiarism acceptable)
  • Exact match with your order specifications

If needed, then recruitment of subject matter experts or domain specialists for your project. If any of the aforementioned assurances are not met, we accept full responsibility for compensating you.

In services like journal selection service and resubmission support, we offer a 100% dedicated team that works hard on publishing your manuscript.

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