Scientific Editing Services By Expert Editors To Improve Your Manuscripts

A team of editors will provide experienced strategic advice on your manuscript, review article, or funding proposal. Experience the professional review and editing of three-experts from renowned publication teams in scientific editing services.

  • A reviewer from prestigious publications such as Nature,
  • A senior science editor with 20 years of expertise
  • A managing editor who assists approximately 500+ researchers per year.

Supplementary Perks With Scientific Editing Service

Editing Certificate

Worldwide publications or journals require non-native English authors to have an editing certificate. ISI Journal Publications provides editing certificates for all submissions that we edit to facilitate a smooth submission procedure.

Unlimited Queries

We acknowledge that many clients have questions and instructions about their updated content. In order to facilitate a debate and easy flow of communication between writers and experts, we provide maximum question and answers time with your expert at no cost. Please keep in mind that all Q& A is done over email.

Unlimited Rounds Of Re-editing

ISI Journal Publications offer unlimited re-editing following the final edit. The re-editing will be done according to comments and reviews the manuscript got from the journal peers. If you avail our scientific editing service, you will get as many rounds of discussion as you like with your expert. Our re-editing services guarantee that your work is ready for submission. This advantage is accessible within a year following your paper’s initial round of editing.

Standard Formatting

To get your paper published in top journals of the world, it needs to show the quality as well. To get the high-standard journal, your paper must follow the submission guidelines of your desired journal in terms of appearance and format. Our professionals guarantee that your articles are ready for journal submission in renowned journal publications. Editing is done down to the last detail, with the selected citation style standards such as the APA, MLA, ACS, and all other major journal requirements as per your requirements.

Unlimited Rounds Of Plagiarism Check

We use a globally acknowledged plagiarism checker report, which detects content in your manuscript that might be detected by unintentional plagiarism. Our plagiarism checker assists in avoiding desk rejection. We will forward you a report on the areas of your paper that require revision, as well as expert comments on how these sections may impact the journal review, and if you want to add that we correct it that can be also done by our editors.

Cover Letter Creation

In the form of a cover letter, our expert editors summarize the main points of your study based on your manuscript. A cover letter is attached to grab the attention of your journal editor, whilst it also demonstrates the importance of your research in order for them to be interested in and consider publishing your work in their journal. It adds value to your journal submission.

Response Letter Check

As you get the response letter from journal peers, ISI Journal Publication writing experts keenly check the response letter and review the journal with an expert’s perspective. Keeping in mind the pointers of response letter, the manuscript is heavily edited so, there is no flaw left.

Consultation Via Call

We have recently added this feature, ISI Journal Publications offers a call for consultation with your assigned writer. Through consultation calls, the communication is very smooth and clear, without any disruptions and miscommunication. A call leaves no room for mistakes or desired results.

1 in 10

BELs certified editorsacross the globe are associated with ISI Journal Publications

Over 97% of researchers believe that pre-submission peer review service improved the quality of their last published paper by identifying scientific errors and missing and inaccurate references.

Your manuscript is treated as though it were a high-profile project.

Each research article is unique, as is the method it is evaluated. Scientific Editing follows a disciplined method that guides you through the publishing process from start to finish.

Selecting the most appropriate experts

  • Our customer service representative understands your preferences and communicates them to our project managers.

Comprehending the work

  • The most relevant native English specialists are then hand-picked by project managers based on a topic area match.

Three senior specialists develop a strong publication plan for you.

  • An in-depth technical evaluation is performed by a top journal peer reviewer.
  • Senior science editors are in charge of developmental and language editing.
  • The managing editor goes over all of the material to ensure that it is ready for submission to a journal.

For up to 365 days unlimited review and revision based on your input.

  • You evaluate or amend our work, revise portions depending on our suggestions, and send them to us for rechecking. Request a reduced-fee recheck from the same peer reviewer. Our professionals will re-edit and reformat your work for free.

Unlimited review and revision based on your feedback for up to 365 days

  • You examine or edit our work, revise portions depending on our recommendations, and send them to us for a recheck. Request a discounted recheck from the same peer reviewer. Our professionals will re-edit and reformat your work at no cost.

Voices from customers who use Scientific Editing

Dr. Hiroki Shigemune, Waseda University’s School of Advanced Science and Engineering

The pressure to publish has been rising in recent years due to the explosion of research output. Personally, I like to keep up the pace of my work by ensuring that I contribute at least once a year to a journal as well as to an international conference.

Professor|Customer since 2019

Professor Tetsuhiro Yoshino, Keio University School of Medicine

I am delighted to share the story of my publication journey with ISI Journal Publications. Let me start by saying that this is one of the proudest moments of my life since I have set a new benchmark for myself by getting published in a journal with an impact factor as high as 5.74!

Medical Professional|Customer since 2012

ISI Journal Publications Will Help You Straighten Your Publication Approach

Most Prestigious Journal Peer Reviewer

What they do

  • Comment on novelty, impact, research rationale, implications, concluding statements
  • Offer clear next steps
  • Take care of interdisciplinary research support

Science Editor At Senior Level

What they do

  • Perform 2 rounds of editing: developmental and language edits
  • Review and edit paper rationale, structure, flow, and presentation
  • Conduct a gap analysis to help you meet international publication standards

The Editor
In Chief

What they do

  • Prepare a checklist to match target journal scope with your paper's core problem statement
  • Conduct a full review of the peer reviewer's and senior science editor's work to ensure all advice to you is in sync

Scientific Editing Services To Help You Excel

Our Procedure For Editing Papers

  • 01 An order is placed by you A client-first fills out the order form filling in all the required information correctly and accurately.
  • 02 We process your order Once you submit your order form, we instantly receive it by our end. We then confirm your order and send it forward for the drawing of timelines and estimated delivery date.
  • 03 Timelines and deadlines Our staff managers and administrators, considering the orders coming in, give you the accurate and fixed date of when will you be receiving your edited research paper.
  • 04 Editing department The manuscript is then forwarded to the editing department where initial stage editors pick out the common mistakes, correct it and then send it forward for the final editing.
  • 05 Proofreading Our editors at the final stage double-check the formatting, construction of the research paper as well as for any additional formatting. Then we match your research paper with your requirements and is sent to the proofreading department.
  • 06 On your doorstep After our skilful proof-readers pass your manuscript, we seamlessly deliver your work on your doorsteps right on time!
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Have a look at what our published author has to say

Dr. Sara Evans

Thriving career thanks to ISI Journal Publication

“It is absolutely an honour to be a part of such a prestigious platform where you feel the centre of attention of some amazing editors. I might need your help again. Thanks a lot.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Scientific editing service is basically used for those clients who prefer high impact editing of their manuscript. The paper is reviewed by three different journal experts in this scientific editing service.

Our financial services and budget plans are all determined by our target audience. Furthermore, we routinely provide discounts on our services. Our prices are so low that even part-time working students may use our services. Please contact us using the details provided on the website to receive a precise price quotation.

ISI Journal Publication offers plenty of other services that include scientific editing services, translation services, and resubmission support as well. There are even post services involved if you utilize any of our programs.

There are multiple benefits available within our scientific editing service. You get a validity of 12 months for this service. Moreover, our experts assigned to the client will set up the account for them and submit the final articles to the journal publishers as well. However, if you avail resubmission service from some other budget plan than you will enjoy other services mentioned in the plan as well.

1 in 10

BELs certified editorsacross the globe are associated with ISI Journal Publications

Over 97% of researchers believe that pre-submission peer review service improved the quality of their last published paper by identifying scientific errors and missing and inaccurate references.