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ISI Journal Publications have academic editors with unmatched expertise who will guarantee that your thesis is of the highest possible quality and submission-ready. With our selection of specialist and affordable services, you can impress examiners with an error-free and enhanced thesis or dissertation.

  • Rigorous revision and editing by experts of the subject matter to make your dissertation or thesis submission ready to the fullest extent possible.
  • 2 levels of editing by native English editor, to ensure error-free language flow
  • Flawless syntax and structure
  • Get an expert as per your subject or topic through our AI algorithms

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Competent Dissertation And Thesis Editing Services

Get Your Thesis and Dissertation completed with all requirements

  • Thesis

    A manuscript edited and formatted as per the worldwide accepted publication standards

  • Dissertation

    Our Thesis Editing service ensures that your thesis is well-written and fulfills worldwide publication standards. Our editors ensure that they will fulfill all of the requirements of high-quality publications. We promise to deliver a work that is eloquently written and free of errors.

  • Proposals

    As per the subject matter of your proposal, a subject matter expert is associated. This ensures that they are not only fluent in English but also in the terminology and norms used in your profession.

Extra Benefits With Thesis Editing Services

Editing Certificate

Non-native English authors must get an editing certificate to be published in international magazines or journals. To support a seamless submission procedure, ISI Journal Publications offers editing certificates for all papers that we edit.

Unlimited Queries

We understand that many of our clients have queries and need guidance concerning their updated material. We give a maximum (and quick) question and answer period with your expert at no cost to foster a discussion and simple flow of information between authors and experts. Please bear in mind that all Q&A will take place via email.

Unrestricted Re-editing

Following the final edit, journal publications allow for unrestricted re-editing. The work will be re-edited in response to suggestions and reviews from journal peers. If you choose our premium editing service, you may have as many rounds of discussion with your expert as you like. Our re-editing services ensure that your work is ready to be submitted. This benefit is available within a year after your paper's original round of editing.

Journal Formatting

To get published in the world's top journals, your paper must be of high quality. To be accepted by a high-quality journal, your manuscript must adhere to the submission standards of your preferred publication in terms of look and structure. Our experts ensure that your works are ready for submission to prestigious academic journals. Editing is done meticulously, using the specified citation style standards such as APA, MLA, ACS, and any other major journal criteria as per your specifications.

Cover Letter

Based on your manuscript, our skilled editors describe the major themes of your study in the form of a cover letter. A cover letter is included to pique the interest of your journal editor while also demonstrating the significance of your study in order for them to be interested in and consider publishing your work in their publication. It improves the quality of your journal submission.

Plagiarism Check

We use a globally acknowledged plagiarism checker report, which detects content in your manuscript that might be detected as unintentional plagiarism. Our plagiarism checker assists in avoiding desk rejection. We will forward you a report on the areas of your paper that require revision, as well as expert comments on how these sections may impact the journal's review, and if you want to add that we correct it that can be also done by our editors.

Response Letter Check

As you get the response letter from journal peers, ISI Journal Publication writing experts keenly check the response letter and review the journal with an expert’s perspective. Keeping in mind the pointers of the response letter, the manuscript is heavily edited so, there is no flaw left.

Consultation Via Call

ISI Journal Publications has just implemented this feature: you can call your assigned writer for a consultation. Communication is very fluid and clear throughout consultation conversations, with no interruptions or misunderstandings. A call leaves no room for mistakes or desired results.

Our Procedure For Thesis Editing Services

An order is placed by you

A client-first fills out the order form filling in all the required information correctly and accurately.

We process your order

Once you submit your order form, we instantly receive it by our end. We then confirm your order and send it forward for the drawing of timelines and estimated delivery date.

Timelines and deadlines

Our staff managers and administrators, considering the orders coming in, give you the accurate and fixed date of when will you be receiving your edited research paper.

Editing department

The manuscript is then forwarded to the editing department where initial stage editors pick out the common mistakes, correct them, and then send it forward for the final editing.


Our editors at the final stage double-check the formatting, construction of the research paper as well as for any additional formatting. Then we match your research paper with your requirements and is sent to the proofreading department.

On your doorstep

After our skillful proofreaders pass your manuscript, we seamlessly deliver your work on your doorsteps right on time!

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Ensured Quality

If our work is not up to your expectation. We will revise and modify it until you are completely satisfied.

And if still unsure, you can get a complete refund of your costs.

Prompt Delivery

On-time delivery is our promise. We meet all the deadlines by providing work in about 8 hours.

Rarely if we ever miss a deadline we provide a refund in that case.

Secured Data

We work hard to secure your work by enforcing a stringent NDA on all of our specialists and staff.

Our newest ISO standard systems also keep your files safe.


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Over 97% of researchers believe that pre-submission peer review service improved the quality of their last published paper by identifying scientific errors and missing and inaccurate references.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about clearing your concerns, answering your queries, and keeping satisfied at all times.

ISI Journal Publications thesis editing service offers in-depth and accurate editing of your thesis. The accuracy of terminology and grammar is promised to be done very precisely. Moreover, we offer the following features as well:

  • On-time delivery
  • Plagiarism-free and unique content (with less than 5%-10% plagiarism acceptable)
  • Exact match with your order specifications
  • If needed, then recruitment of subject matter experts or domain specialists for your project.

If any of the aforementioned assurances are not met, we accept full responsibility for compensating you.

Yes, our editors are well-versed in a variety of citation styles, including the American Psychological Association (APA) style, Harvard style, Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), Modern Language Association (MLA) style, American Medical Association (AMA) style, and many others.

If you are unclear about which plan to select, we can assist you. What you must do is as follows:

  • Examine the various plans by surfing through the website. You can find different levels of editing and delivery dates.
  • If you’re still confused about which plan would best suit your document and your needs, then contact us for a customized delivery date and pricing.
  • Our Client servicing staff will analyze your demands and budget, and then offer the best plan for you.

After spending a significant amount of time and effort evaluating the average target customer's budget. Keeping in mind that the majority of our clients are in college or universities as a result, we devised a pricing strategy that fits directly into your budget and is incredibly cost-effective. Click on Get a free quote, it will direct you to the message window where our representative will guide you more about the plans and their price range.

If you have a question for your editor, you may utilize the Submit Question option after logging in to your account. We usually respond within one business day. However, because the kind and amount of inquiries impact the delivery timetable, a member of our client service team will confirm it with you. Nonetheless, our customer care representatives are fully available 24/7 and open to any of your concerns and queries so don’t hesitate and get in touch with us now.

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